Breakout Long Melford

An opportunity to collaborate or do battle with your competitors? You Decide!

We often get asked about competitors and have noticed how a lot of people get caught up worrying what their rivals are doing?

For example:
“How am I positioned compared to my rival?”
“I’ve been told I need to copy what they are doing! Is that right?”
“I love what they do, but how can I show my business is different?”

Remember that you didn’t get into business to copy someone, misrepresent or undervalue what you are so good at! 

In this episode we talk about competitors, how we think it’s an opportunity to support each other by referring someone who needs something that’s now quite in your area of expertise. 

And the potential opportunities that could present themselves, by thinking a little differently towards what our client needs and pulling the best bits from yours and their expertise. 

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