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Welcome to Breakout

 We dedicated our business based in Long Melford Suffolk to help you, the consumer with day to day life, from printing, training, IT support and life admin.


This section is dedicated for home customers, as we decided to make our site clearer.

If you own a business be sure to check out our business page

What do we do?
As well as business clients, we also look after our community, from Printing, Computer Support, to just general admin.
Why are we here?
Following Covid, we sensed a need for a space to allow people to get away from home working
What is Breakout?
The brain child of Farley, your business best friend and all around admin guru
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What do we do?

Printing Laminating

If you don't have a printer or the ink has dried up, you can print here from any device.

Life Admin

Need a form filling in?
Getting a passport?
Driving licence?
Struggle online?
Just pop in and we will help
Life Admin

Need somewhere to work?

We have desks and free wifi to do your own life admin or printing

Computer Support

Need help with your computer, phone or Wifi? Then we can help. Our resident IT Nerd is a whiz with all things tech

Training Courses

We regularly have training courses to help you get the career you want.
From CV's to
spreadsheets to much much more

Our little black book

As we meet people in our industry we become friends with a variety of businesses. Looking for a tradesperson?
Black Book

Recyling help

A useful guide on what to recycle and where to put it.
We can take all things business related however check below as to find out where else items can go.

Don't take our word for it, here is what our customers think!

John Eborn
John Eborn
Breakout are superb! By my own admission I know very little about the workings of the internet and speaking to an internet provider by text or even voice from some faraway place is so frustrating. Andy visited my home and is professional, friendly and most importantly patient when I struggled to understand something. I can certainly recommend Breakout and Andy. 5*
Bruce West
Bruce West
Great service from very experienced friendly experts . Went the extra mile to help us list our BaB . Can’t recommend them more highly especially Andy . Thank you for all your help .
Nicholas Hallidie
Nicholas Hallidie
Very helpful. I'm not quite there yet, as it appears the problem is with the website I am trying to contact. It will have to be Monday before I can phone them.
Becky Clarke
Becky Clarke
Breakout were brilliant from start to finish, I took a social media course with them as my partner and I are in the process of growing our car valet and detailing business - 50 fifty Details. I learnt so much and loved how chilled the atmosphere was we asked them to build our website, which we are super happy with! Thanks again Andy and Farley
Paul Blissett
Paul Blissett
Booked in for a one hour free Business coaching session last week, very impressed with their open minded attitude and innovative ideas. Friendly and welcoming and offer a wide range of business related services.
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson
Whether you’re after a change of scene when you’re WFH, or to chat with someone who’s “been there before” to bounce ideas off, Breakout is a fantastic place to spend a few hours working. Highly recommended for their facilities as well as their expertise and customer service.
Kathy Gray
Kathy Gray
An amazing resource with great facilities. If you need any help with admin or any aspect of business definitely worth a visit
caroline king
caroline king
Attended a social media workshop yesterday. Welcoming and friendly environment. Inspiring and knowledgable - without doubt would recommend for business assistance. Thank you Farley for making the experience enjoyable.
Sarah Pittard
Sarah Pittard
Excellent and affordable business advice. I needed a contract template - Farley was helpful and knowledgeable, and created a contract specific to my requirements. Until then, I had not known where to turn for business advice; I’m glad to have found Breakout and the team there - thank you for your help.
Massive shout out to the team at the Breakout space in Melford. They have helped me out with various issues on a few occasions now. They go above and beyond.. even if that means help with sending files out of office hours. Thanks 🙏🏻