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Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Andy or locally known as “the nerd.” I have been involved in computers from a young age, started with my first computer the rubber keyboard ZX Spectrum 48, before moving on to the 128k version. Before biting the bullet and switching over to Commodore Amigas, then eventually personal computers. Got my first job in IT in 2000, working for a business to business Internet Service Provider and on call support. Then I decided to setup my own business as more of a hobby to keep my skills up to date. I met Sarah (Farley) through helping to set up her own business. I was getting so much work through her and her clients and I loved her work ethics, that we have moved forward together and decided to blend our services.

Since this happened only a few months ago now, it’s gone from strength to strength. Each providing our unique set of skills to help small businesses as well as private clients

Not only do we provide desk hire, Self assessments, life organising and business advice, we now provide computer support and website development. Watch this space for news about our latest projects.

This week

This week has been a busy one, upgrading many laptops to solid state drives to make them faster than when they were bought 5 years ago, we also had a customer struggling to get a stable internet connection at home. BT had visited the premises and was unable to help, they even changed the router but to no avail.

Breakout attended the customers home, within minutes diagnosed the fault to be a poor wifi reception within the home in certain areas. Advised customer to install a Wireless Mesh System from TP Link. Ordered and installed within days and the customer now has an excellent connection at home.


We support all manner of devices, from Phones, Tablets, Laptops, personal computer and even business networks and servers. We also provide a service for Apple computers.

What else do we do at Breakout? Have you checked out our Business Review page?

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