Poor wifi?

A customer came to breakout this week complaining of a poor internet connection. BT had been out and changed the router but his connection was very poor.

We quickly attended the same day and diagnosed the fault as being poor wifi reception in the home.

The routers that are provided by internet service providers such as talk talk, BT, virgin etc only provide a limited connection around the home. There are various situations that this will hamper the signal from passing through walls or getting interfered with by other devices within the home.

The solution which is now outdated was to install a wifi extender to help cover those dead spots, however these come with their own issues. They appear to increase the wifi signal, your device will show a better signal, but it’s false becasue the speed of the original connection will drop. Try it for yourself, run a speed test on your phone whilst stood next to the router, then move to the furthest point then run the same test. . The more extenders you have the worst this becomes, especially if they are daisy chained to each other.

wifi extender setup

A typical wifi extender setup

credit to signalboosers.com for the image.

This image from this article explains the issue with extenders, as you can see the a wifi extender takes the edge of the signal where its already poor, to then create a hotspot based on that poor connection.

The solution to this is simple, wifi mesh system is the answer.

Wifi mesh system

This image shows the difference, using a series of nodes they all communicate with each other, sharing the internet speed across the whole home

There are various solutions available but from as little as £180 we can look to install a mesh system in your home without fuss.

Case study

I attended a clients address, they had 70Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, a great connection when stood next to the router, the system was a sky system which has various extenders throughout the home.

As I left the room and moved to the next room, the signal on my laptop was still showing full. I ran a speed test. The results were 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

A huge drop, paying for broadband in one room that no one uses, to then get such a poor speed was not acceptable.

I quoted and installed a Eero mesh system.

The result throughout the whole 5 bedroom home, upstairs and downstairs using 4 nodes was incredible. The 70Mbps and 20Mbps utilised everywhere.

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