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Spot a scam

Fake social media profiles Have you seen a friend share a post, promising them that they have been entered into a competition? Does it seem too good to be true? The first thing is check the profile of the business, how many followers do they have? Search for the real page Check how many posts

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Poor wifi?

A customer came to breakout this week complaining of a poor internet connection. BT had been out and changed the router but his connection was very poor. We quickly attended the same day and diagnosed the fault as being poor wifi reception in the home. The routers that are provided by internet service providers such

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IT Support @ Breakout

Welcome Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Andy or locally known as “the nerd.” I have been involved in computers from a young age, started with my first computer the rubber keyboard ZX Spectrum 48, before moving on to the 128k version. Before biting the bullet and switching over to Commodore Amigas, then

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