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Turning a crappy business model into a recommendation gold mine! Scott Baxter Edge Physio

Telling your customers that you may only need to see them once or twice may seem like bad business sense, however sharing honest and appropriate advice with people will not only help them in the short term, but also benefiting you in the long run. 

This week we speak with Scott who shares his story behind the success he’s had doing just this. 

Instead of committing people to a lengthy program of rehabilitation he has found that not only has he helped people to recover quicker, but also helping to generate leads from the reputation and word of mouth recommendations he often receives. 

Be sure to listen in to learn how Scott was able to transfer his expertise and experience working within the world of professional football and elite spots, to help him building his own successful physiotherapy practice in Suffolk. 

You can find Scott and Edge Physio using the following links. 



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