Breakout Long Melford

What do we do?

What do we do?  we get asked this a lot here at Breakout, which is understandable because we do not just focus on one area of business, we have many strings to our bow.  Just take a look at all the examples below.

We like to think of ourselves as little cheerleaders, cheering you on and filling in.

Printing Copying

Why print at home, when you can print here from any device

Help getting online?

Need a form filling in?
Getting a passport?
Driving licence?
Or just general admin?
Online help

Need somewhere to work?

We have desks and free wifi including printers, if you need to get out get online

Computer Support

Need help with your computer, Phone or Wifi? Then we can help. Our resident IT Nerd is a whiz with all things tech

Training Courses

We regularly have training courses to help you get the career you want.
From CV's to
Spread sheeets

Our little black book

As we meet people in our industry we become friends with a variety of businesses. Looking for a tradesperson?
Black Book

Whilst you are here, have you visited the business section of Breakout?