Breakout Long Melford

Coworking Space

 How much and how does it work?

Coworking at Breakout Long Melford, we have 8 coworking desks and 2 desks in booths for screen privacy available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Either £5 per hour or £20 per day, you can book ahead, the day before or, call ahead to check availability to turn up on the day. The daily cost includes free WiFi, free tea and coffee, phone charging points and an extra screen. Each booking can add on noise cancelling headphones, foot stool or keyboard as extras.


What is coworking?

Spend your admin days at Breakout us with our experts on hand to save you time if working on social media, bookkeeping or need IT Support. Whether you need someone to check wording with or to discuss some ideas out loud, the atmosphere is an open plan office with the coworkers you never knew you needed!

We have an A4 and A3 printer on site where you can add on printing bundles if required, alongside laminating, scanning and copying.

You can book by the hour or hours, or book of the whole day, we even have a café next door

Still unsure what coworking is? Then click here for a wiki explanation