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Website Design, developing and hosting has become an important part of everyday Breakout life, we help support customers start their business, or make their businesses better, and a huge part of this is a website.
If you already have one, or would like “get online” then we are here to help.


New Website Design

We assess you, your business and your team, if we think you need one, we will tell you.  If we think you don’t, then we will suggest an alternative way of having an online presence for your business.

How computer literate are you is a big factor on which service we would recommend for you.


Options for Website Design

If you are not very good with technology, we would suggest a more simple easy to update yourself solution, we have experience with GoDaddy, Wix and Squarespace for this very purpose.
The reason being, is we want you to be in control, not us.  If you need to change your website, we would rather enable you to do it instead of paying for regular updates.  We provide training for you and your team so this is possible with the right platform.  This is where the coworking space is available for you or your team to come and work on your business admin, our team is on hand to help until you feel comfortable updating on your own.  We can do for you and will always work with you to find the most efficient way of working possible.



We set up the site, build your initial website design, with your content and your look, feel and branding.  We help with designing logos and adding to your brand if needed and then train you in house at Breakout.

This means we handing over a completed site ready for your business to look amazing online.

If we determine that you need a more compressive and more bespoke solution then we will look to setup WordPress hosting which we host in house with our partners


Again, we will build and setup the website, with a shop (e-commerce) if needed, or a booking system for your hotel, bed and breakfast or restaurant etc. Then hand the completed website to you for you to update moving forwards.


But here is the best bit…

We are still here, ready to step in if needed, need a quick 5 minute change?

Then we wont charge you for an hours work.  We will simply make the change and let you know.  Anything more than 15 minutes and we will discuss with you the costs involved starting from just £30 per hour..

Still want to do it yourself, but would like someone just to ask?

Then hire a desk with us and we will be here just to point you in the right direction to reduce the stress of anything going wrong.


Existing Website

Do you already have a website but don’t know how to update it, access it, or want it assessed to ensure it is working as it should?

Then get in touch. Spend a couple of hours with our resident nerd Andy, and he will go through everything you need to ensure your website is suitable and suggest any amendments that may be necessary.

If they are quick then he can do them there and then.


Final words…

We will also be transparent with you through either process, we don’t work on monthly subscriptions and when registering a domain for your business it is yours to own.  We set up the initial hosting which you will need with any website but the annual charges moving forward will be paid by yourself direct.


Pop in for a cuppa and a chat to discuss your requirements, we can always help advise on options whether you have an existing site or not and the best way forward for you and your business.

Website design

These packages give you a general idea on costings, we do offer bespoke packages which can sometimes be more or less based on the information we obtain from our "Over a cup of tea" meeting.

Website (Without Booking System or Shop)

  • 4 - 5 page website
  • Designed and Branded to your liking
  • Contact form
  • Social media links
  • Basic SEO and indexed
  • Google my business completed

Website with Booking System / Shop

  • 4 - 5 page website
  • Woocommerce added with app support
  • Booking system setup
  • Payment links with a e-commerce provider
  • Basic SEO and indexed
  • Google my business completed
  • Full training provided

Website Hosting

Your website needs a place to call "Home"

This is basically a computer hosted with a provided (we use IONOS) to keep and protect your website to ensure its safe and available to your customers
To give you an idea on pricing here are some examples


from £145 per year

  • Domain name registration from £25 per year
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Monthly checks to ensure your website is updated
  • Hosting using WordPress
  • 1 free email account and up to 20 forwarders or aliases
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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