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Computer Support

Computer support is availble at Breakout, and Andy is our resident IT Nerd, he is available on various days around the week.

He specialises in Windows and Mac based computers, from anything to Hardware upgrades to software upgrades. 

He can even assess your home wifi, extend the range using a mesh solution, using trusted and proven hardware.

Due to the nature of tech, he also can help with Mobile phones and Tablets, although he prefers Apple, and he will tell you, he can support android tablets and phones too.  He will just be a bit slower!.

Whatever it is, get in touch.


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Here you can find out when the IT Nerd is in and book your slot

My internet speed is slow!

Is it your broadband ? Or is it your Wifi letting you down

Book an appointment with Andy 🤓

Most of the time, its not the broadband at fault, its most likely the wifi network. Using extenders and generally getting poor performance. Speak to Andy who can double check your network and advise you on what to do next.

My Computer is running slow!

Computer taking ages to start? Holding you up? Are you about to go and spend £500 or more on a new one?

Book an appointment with Andy 🤓

Its no doubt your hard drive or some kind of Windows bug. We can upgrade it for you, reinstall your Windows or Mac and having it booting up in seconds rather than minutes

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