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Marketing and Audits

Struggling with getting your business out there? 

Feel like it’s not getting noticed, and don’t know what the next steps are? 

We are here to help!


Here at Breakout, we have experts in marketing to help you take away the stress of running your business, so that you can focus on doing the parts that you love. We have a wide variety of marketing plans, templates, and packages to help you push your brand towards success. Wether you want to do it yourself, or if you can’t bear the thought, we have something to suit you and your business’ needs. From full year marketing plans, to flyer design to help you get noticed, we’ve got it all! 


Book in to see our team, for a chat and a cuppa, and get started today! 

Full Year Marketing Packages

A marketing plan for your business will help with your direction and the consistency for your customers! After a while of posting on social media, content becomes difficult to consistently think of, and can feel like a chore rather than the fun it was to start with. A marketing plan can help with this! It keeps ideas fresh, makes social media easier, and brings back the fun! We will sit down together and spend half a day planning your marketing campaigner the next 12 months- and then we will write up a plan for you which includes a full 12 month social media strategy! This includes which social platforms are best for your business, how to talk to your ideal audience, and where to market your business- from social media to print, email campaigns to a blog on your website, we’ve got it covered!


Check out this fantastic package below, and see how you can save yourself £500! Yep- £500!

Full Year Marketing Package

Bespoke to your business
£ 1,995
  • Full Media Audit across all your platforms (worth £495)
  • One Hour Consultation (worth £40)
  • Three Hour Marketing Planning Session (worth £395)
  • 12 Month Social Media Content Plan (worth £1,440)
  • Two 30 minute follow up meetings (worth £75)

Website and Blog OR Social Media Audit

Unsure about your website, blogs, and newsletters? Reading too much conflicting information?

Book an audit with us, and we will provide a full assessment and to-do list!

This audit is a process of renewing how your business looks, and how customers perceive your website, blogs, and newsletters/email campaigns. We will look at your account to assess growth, opportunities, and what can be done to improve your marketing and online presence. This audit includes us viewing your key platform and plans for your business and assessing how it looks and feels to current and potential customers. We will then complete a full review and report for you to action.You will get a 3 months blog and newsletter plan and to do list to action going forward. The idea of the audit is for current websites and business owners to bring back the excitement, and reinvigorate their online presence.

So, whats included for you?

– A full media audit of your current website, newsletter and blog OR social media platforms

– Reviewing the current setup and process

-Marketing recommendations for your blog, newsletter, and website OR social media

-An hours meeting to discuss your business and goals

-A follow up, 30 minute meeting after the audit has been completed

-A full PDF audit sent to you within two weeks

Once you have booked your audit with us, we will send you a confirmation email and request some details about your business, including all website links and copies of past newsletters. We will then organise an hours meeting with you to discuss your business.

Total price: £195

Marketing and Social media- Extras

Setting up your online platforms and creating professional quality content can be scry, especially to those of us who are not used to it. Let us help point you in the right direction! Check out our fantastic offers below, and kick start your pages with that extra, professional touch!

Social Media Set up

Individually Priced
Business Page or Profile set up
  • Facebook- £50
  • Instagram- £50
  • Linkedin- £50
  • Pinterest- £50
  • Twitter- £40

Business Designs

Individually Priced
Professional Canva business designs
  • Letterheads- £25
  • Canva Templates (15)- £35
  • Business Card Design- £25
  • Basic Logo (3 options)- £25
  • Posters/Flyers- £25

Social Media Designs

Based on your business aesthetic
Professional designs or your business' social media
  • Event/ Facebook Page covers- £15
  • Facebook/ Instagram Stories (5)- £15
  • Branded Highlight Covers (10)- £25
  • Profile Images- £25