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IT Support Section, Yes, you have found the right place,  the nerd can fix all of your tech!

Since opening, more and more clients have come to us for help with their computers or hardware so we now have Andy who is our resident IT guru on hand, who will help with your computer related problems. Regular drop in days will be posted below and Andy can provide an in-house service as and when required. 

Andy can support most things tech, just pop in when he’s around and he will do what he can to help.


IT Support removing processor

My Computer is running slow!

Computer taking ages to start?
Holding you up
About to go and spend £500 plus on a new one?

Book an appointment with Andy 🤓

Its no doubt your hard drive or some kind of Windows bug. We can upgrade it for you, reinstall your Windows or Mac and having it booting up in seconds rather than minutes

My internet speed is slow!

Is it your broadband? Or is it your Wifi letting you down

Book an appointment with Andy 🤓

Most of the time, it is not the broadband at fault, it is most likely the wifi network. Using extenders and generally getting poor performance. Speak to Andy who can double check your network and advise you on what to do next.

Mobile Phone / Tablets?

Need help with a broken screen, or phone or tablet support including data transfer?

Book an appointment with Andy 🤓

Yep you guessed it! We support that too We can help repair phones and tablets, even screen replacements. Or you have a new phone and need someone to transfer your data over? Then pop in !!

What computers do you support?

Do you have a Windows, Mac or Linux based system?

Book an appointment with Andy 🤓

We can support most systems, from Apple, Windows to Linux ( although I might need back up NERDS ASSEMBLE!!) Either way, drop in and we can sort it.

When is the Nerd in? When can I book him?

We generally find him skulking around the shop most days, mostly in dark corners avoiding the sun.

You can normally hear him though, giggling or singing to himself


Basically, he has another job so fits in when he can at Breakout.. I know right… Priorites…


You can use this helpful tracking device / calendar to see when he is next around and when you can book to see him

Price list for standard work

Common IT Support related FAQs


Whats the best speed I can get for my broadband?

It’s always a good idea to check with a number of providers, Some providers will guarantee a certain speed. Which is vital if speed over cost is important to you. EE and BT both provide this as well as many others. Get what is right for you.


I’ve received a phone call and I fear I may have been hacked.

Unfortunately as computers become harder and harder for scammers to get into, its now increasingly common that these scammers have started using a different tactic using a technique involving Social Engineering. Normally a phone call is made to the user, where the scammer pretends to be from a telephone company. They will generally either inform the user that their broadband is not working or will advise them that they have been hacked but they are there to help. By increasing confidence with the user they will attempt to get them to follow some instructions which commonly involves installing some kind of software to enable remote access to the users computer. Once they have gained access they sometimes trick the user to login to their bank account, or install software that captures keyboard inputs. Basically giving up all the users passwords and remote access to the users bank account.

If you feel you have been a victim of this type of attack, you need to urgently switch off all your computers and unplug the internet router from your home and call your bank immediatly as the first step explain what has happened and keep your money safe. Then call us for guidance.

The moral of this story, and many others. Never trust anyone and question everything. If you ask too many questions, the scammer will get bored and eventually move onto someone else.

We can help in this situation. Just email us


Broadband –  What is FTTP / FTTC?

You will hear and see this term used a lot. when looking for broadband. FTTC stands for Fibre to the Cabinet, meaning your provider has fibre optic cable (larger and faster capacity) to the green cabinets you see in the road. After the cabinet it uses traditional copper cable to your home / business, and is the most common type of broadband provided.

FTTP stands for Fibre to the Premises, this type of setup is much better and involves as the name suggests fibre optic cable delivered into your home. This is the best solution where available.


Passwords? can I use the same one?

This again is a common question.. and the answer is No! absolutely not. Use password generators and write them down somewhere safe. Use two factor authentication where available. This is a feature where if someone knows your password, they still cannot gain access until you input the code that you have been emailed or sent to your phone.

For example, you use a frequently used password on a shop, you found on google. You don’t know what or how they are storing passwords. If they or any of the other places you have ever used get compromised, your email address and password combination will be known and sold to the highest bidder.

I can pretty much guarantee you will have one or more of the following accounts. Such as Netflix, Amazon, iCloud, Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. and you will have used the same password. For example if they have access to your iCloud, they can most likely look at your pictures, text messages you calendar and all realms of personal information. Luckily Apple and others are starting to assist customers by using two factor authentication.

Facebook is a common one, once they have access they will most likely email all your friends, in an attempt to use your relationship to give them the trust they need for your friends to give up their details, Normally by sending them links to common but fake websites asking them to login and in turn capturing their usernames and passwords and so it goes on….

Number one rule. Never click links in emails or text messages unless you are expecting something from the person who is sending it. Otherwise browse to it by typing the address manually into your browser.


My computer is running slow! What can I do?

This is by far the most common question asked. If you computer is within five years old there is a chance that something can be done. The best by far upgrade is to remove the old mechanical hard drive and install a Solid State Drive. These are data storage devices that have no moving parts and increase performance ten fold. Contact us for advice pricing or if you are unsure what to do.


Hoaxes / Fake News

There are various tools available on the internet, to clarify some misguided information, we have all seen them. Shared by friends on Facebook, click here, share with 20 of your friends etc. Look at this its unbelievable. Chances are it is fake.

Use these tools to fact check

Google Fact Checker