Data security…. Is your data safe?

Worried about your data on your devices?

If not, should you be?

Simulate a scenario in your head,   if you lost your computer what would you lose?

Lose your phone or gets irreparably damaged? what is stored on it?

Are you storing data on an external hard drive or USB stick?  What happens if that drive stopped working?

What is irreplaceable?

Before people used computers for storage, if something happened to the family home burglary, fire or flood, you would hear stories on the news.

“We have lost everything”

“All the family photos”

A hard drive or tech failure is a hugely more higher risk of happening than damage or theft to your home but its not a thought that crosses most people, it just works doesn’t it…

You cannot get away from IT, computers and technology.

Pretty much our whole lives are stored on them, from photos and videos of the kids, to lost relatives, as well as legal and important documents.

Are you backing up correctly? And if you are, when was the last time you actually tested it to ensure it works on the day you need it.

Our advice

Don’t store data only on one hard drive

Backup using cloud storage such as iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box.  Store the data somewhere else.

Test your backups on a monthly basis, recover something, see if it can be opened.

Mobile phones are the same, use your phone makers storage, iCloud, Google, then if you do lose your phone everything is stored safely elsewhere, if its setup correctly the very last message you sent or photo you have taken is stored automatically.

Here at Breakout, we care about our customers, we don’t want to have to try and recover data because its the last resort.  I would rather reassure a customer that its safe than tell them there is a risk.

We have software in house that can scan and recover lost files from drives and phones that have stopped responding, but it’s not perfect, and certainly not guaranteed.

Backups are not just for business, they as important for your personal devices too.

Need some advice on what to do?  Then pop in for a cuppa and we will setup and advise a suitable system to ensure your data is safe.

For everything else small business Breakout are not just about computers, we have desks to hire, computers to use, printers to print and staff to talk to.  You will always be greeted with a smile here.

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