Breakout for Home

Introduction to Open Water Swimming

This is a two-part course designed for those who are new to open water swimming or want to gain more confidence.  It will cover:


·      The benefits of open water swimming

·      Equipment

·      What to wear

·      Safety

·      First steps into water

·      Techniques to help overcome any anxieties and fears

·      How to develop a growth mindset for open water swimming and challenge any limiting beliefs.


swimhow22@gmail.comThe first part of the course will be at Breakout, Long Melford on the 11th August 7-9 pm.  It will be an informal interactive session with lots of opportunities to ask questions and look at the equipment.


The second part will be at Gosfield Lake on Sunday 14th August 8 -9 am where we will put what we have learnt into practice.  The session is up to an hour, but there is absolutely no pressure to stay in that long. 


The total is £40 which includes both sessions. This does not include the £5 entry fee to Gosfield Lake. This will be payable at the lake on the day.


Any questions, please contact either Sue Moye (swim coach & teacher) or Sue Tetley (mindset coach)