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Reducing The Risks Of Income By Become a MII (Multi Income Individual) with Filss Spink

In case you missed the last networking meeting (held on the last Tuesday of the month), we’re excited to bring you the talk  Fliss from Felicitys Driver Training.

Fliss shares how she had the realisation that she needed to become a MII, and explains why you should think about doing the same.

Now a MII isn’t a character version of yourself, that you may remember creating on the Nintendo Wii, it’s a Multiple Income Individual.

Once of the main benefits shared in this eye-opening talk, was to spread the risk and worry of having a reliance on just one income, should the time come that your main wage is at risk. 

Thanks again to Fliss, if your keen to learn more about what she does, then check out the links below.

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