Spot a scam

Fake social media profiles

Have you seen a friend share a post, promising them that they have been entered into a competition? Does it seem too good to be true?

  • The first thing is check the profile of the business, how many followers do they have?

  • Search for the real page

  • Check how many posts they have made and do they appear genuine

  • Is there a verified tick next to the business name? for such a large company, this should be done

  • Does the page name have any unusual characters in it? Such as a (full stop) at the end? This would indicate that it is fake.

So many people fall for these tactics, the pages are invented to create that “dream”, or that must have item.

When your friends share it, it gives the post credibility,

“Well Doris shared it so it must be true”

 The sinister part of this scam is to eventually lead you to a way of gathering personal information about you, your passwords and indeed your accounts, and if you use the same password elsewhere then things could get serious very quickly.

See one of these being shared again?  Tell your friend immediately, do not comment on the post,  it only adds to the credibility as your friends will now see the same post because you commented on it.

So keep an eye out, don’t be afraid to question and keep yourself and your friends protected.

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Here are the links to the genuine pages

Disney World

Southwest Airlines

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