Breakout Long Melford

Untangle your tech to become more productive

If you find yourself trying to move things from one place to another, or maybe you’re still stuck with a thousand bits of paper and endless to-do lists, it’s time to pause and make a few changes. 

These changes could be as simple as linking your phone, tablet and computer, so you have the information you need, when you want it. 

Or maybe you want to sort out your diary, by adding a booking calendar to a website, or simply having a link to send people will allow you to have one location to check your availability, making it easier for your clients to get booked but also, taking away any confusion or worse, missed appointments that didn’t get written down after a chance meeting or call. 

This week, Farley and The Breakout Nerd discuss how you can untangle your tech, to streamline the way you work to allow you to become your most productive self! 

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