Your Support Network

When starting your own business it can be tough. You have all the doubts, the why’s outnumber the why nots, you will talk yourself out of everything, overwhelm yourself by reading conflicting information and researching with results showing you the bad as well as the good.


It is good to have balance, be realistic, know that it may not work however we believe that whilst everything can (and sometimes will) go wrong, as in life, there are ways to make it work, succeed and smash everything you do to make your very own business a huge success.


Your person

One thing or, should I say person, who will make all the difference is having your very own cheerleader. That person who will support you through the ups and downs. Celebrate with you but also tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.


When I say cheerleader I am talking about Beth in ‘This is Us’ in Season 6, Episode 6 “Our Little Island Girl” who supports her students no matter what with the important part being that she believes in them. Beth follows her gut instinct and sees something in her students that they don’t even see so even when they fail, she knows they can fly and supports them in doing so.


Find that person for you. You have a natural talent? People are already asking you to make or do something for you and they will pay you? Then that is where you start. Just do and get feedback. That feedback should be the push you need to create a side hustle and then a business full time.


Where Breakout Long Melford can help

As a business support centre we are a lot less corporate and will never tell you what to do. This is because your business needs to run your way. We are not that person, they are something different but we will give you honest feedback and tell you what you need to hear and give that little push in the right direction. You will always leave our workshops, courses and 121s re-energised and enthused about your business.


Find your cheerleader and network that you need. It is possible to achieve your dreams without them but, I promise, it will be so much easier with them.


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