Any old charger will do

Why is it important to use the correct charger for your device?

Because they are designed for the task of charging your device, manufacturers spend lots of money and technical ability to make sure the charger is suited to the battery in your device.  

Even though apple chargers look the same between devices, they may also connect using the same port, however iPhone chargers are for iPhones,  iPad chargers for iPads, and Macbook chargers for Macs. Because they each output a different voltage / wattage

Charging an iPad with an iPhone charger will cause it to take longer, and may even cause the iPad to not get enough charge to turn on. Charging an iPhone with an iPad charger, will cause it to charge really fast however it will damage the battery and reduce its life.

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*Typical Values

Best case scenario you charge your device

Worst case the charger causes the battery or device to catch fire or blow a component.

Now using chargers other than manufacturer chargers is ok providing the charger is from a reputable company, Anker provide high quality products so we recommend these as an alternative.

This article isn’t just about Apple chargers, Android chargers can equally be as dangerous, bearing in mind the amount of different android phones one the market, its vitally important to get this right. Safest bet? Get one recommended by your phone, Sony, Samsung and so on.

Windows Laptop chargers

This is probably one of the main dangers, do not use a laptop charger in any other laptop than for the make and model of the one purchased. There are so many makes models and types the variables can be extreme and cause irreparable damage to your device

Even if the adaptor fits, it doesn’t mean it will work or not cause damage.

Lithium batteries which are found in most modern tech, are very good power sources, but they need to be treated with care. Charged when needed and not overcharged.  They are volatile items and if not cared for correctly can cause them to expand, damaging internal components or catch fire.  Otherwise known as thermal runaway

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