How to improve your SEO the basics!

Improve your SEO, you have designed your own website or had one built for you, however the next important element is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation is the word used to describe the method in which to increase your exposure and ranking on search listings. There is no point in having a website if the SEO has not been completed.

SEO consists of a range of methods which are employed, which search engines looks for in order to send a “searcher” to the best and most appropriate listing.
Search engines pride themselves and their reputation on directing customers to the right location.

How do Search Engines work

Your website is checked against various methods such as
Keywords, Headings, Favicon, GDPR Compliance, Regular updated content, Image ALT Tags, security, page speed, mobile / tablet functionality, social media links, links to other websites and internal pages as well as referral links back to your site from other businesses.

Index your website

Head over to google search console, locate the sitemap on your website, if you use godaddy, wordpress or any other platform a quick search of the term “location of sitemap for godaddy website” will help you find the path to it.

For example Breakout’s sitemap is located here

Then once you have verified your site, you can submit the link to your sitemap so the search engines know without having to look to hard all your pages of your website.

Secondly do not forget Bing!. Bing is the Microsoft search engine that is default with the Edge Browser, so its important that you also go to Bing Webmaster tools and do the same here

SEO is not a dark art

Now its important to remember, SEO is not a dark art, its not magical. You can spend lots of money getting an SEO Marketing company to continuous try to outwit the Google algorithm, however you need to make sure your basics have been done, then see where you end up. There is no guarantee of a listing but just be educated.


Does your wording and content on your website represent the area that you serve?

For example ;

One of our clients has a Carpet Cleaning Business who operates in the area of Sudbury Suffolk and surrounding villages.

Their website mentions the term “carpet cleaning” but it does not mention Sudbury Suffolk.

Now think how you would use a search engine, if you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Sudbury Suffolk, do you go to google and type Carpet Cleaning? or do you type “Carpet Cleaning near me” or “Carpet Cleaning Sudbury”

By leaving your headings generic and not location specific you leave your website trying to compete with every other carpet cleaning website within the UK and beyond, and guess what? your customer will not see your website.

So think local, add references to your area of operation, be relevant be consistent and don’t think that spamming lots of content with the same keywords will help, because it won’t.

Then think of other relevant search terms. For example Rug Cleaning, End of tenancy clean etc etc. You get the idea. Be your customer not the business owner when optimising for SEO.

Case Study

Customer approached Breakout after seeing us via our Social Media Channels, he was struggling with his business that offered a specific type of coaching that can be performed worldwide.

He had spent a good deal of money utilising an SEO company to promote his content, but he was only ever on Page 9 of google.

After reviewing his website, I asked what type of coaching do you do? he said “Cycle Coaching”. Ok where on your website do those two keywords appear together.

The answer..


3 hours spent with Breakout and keywords and implementing other basic SEO and overnight the website reached page 4 for a national search, the highest he has ever been.

Be normal, think inside the box, and do the basics. Do not try and fool the search engines, their budget is far greater and at the end of the day they want your website to appear for what the customer is looking for. Trying to trick search engines, will only knock you down the listings.

Just remember, the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google.

and finally….

If all this is just too much then just give us a ring and arrange an appointment with one of the team

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