Cold Calling, DMs and Emailing.

Does cold calling / contact still work?
Cold Calling, DMs and Emailing. I had a call the other day from a PA to a coach. I know this coach personally but the PA did not know this, all they had was that I had attended a free video call previously, was on the mailing list and connected on LinkedIn.

Not in the script
It was interesting, you could tell straight away that there was a script, nothing negative, they were polite, friendly and seemed genuinely interested in my business. The problem being that I didn’t fit into the script box.

Straight away I couldn’t answer her questions, the aim was to find out my main goals for my business for the next year and further into the future. Are they financial, time saving or something else, unfortunately for the cold caller I don’t like giving away too much to strangers so I replied that
I didn’t know.

The truth of the matter is that I do have goals but they are not currently set in stone and quite fluid due to the nature of the business and the fact we started little over a year ago.

Free 1 to 1 Coaching Call??
This made the caller frustrated, I was laughing but it didn’t go down well, I was way off script so said I know I’m a pain but I just can’t answer the questions. We still go to the final point which was putting in a free 121 coaching call, I said I’m happy to have a call with the person I know as a catch up generally but do not need coaching at the moment.

The next step was that the coach was so busy the call couldn’t be for at least 8 weeks, at this point the PA told me that I am a pain but the call would go in anyway.

At this point think about how I feel as a potential client, not enthused, not positive and just wanting to get off the phone as clearly they did not agree with how I run my business.

The email came through with the appointment shortly after. A while after this another email came through from a different assistant asking more questions about my business so the coach can really focus on me when we have our call and make the most of our time.

Again, how did this make me feel. In my eyes if the coach believes I need help that much (or the PA does and passed on my call) why not google me, we are already commented on LinkedIn, you can find my website, social media and personal profiles very easily – and if my goals, business
customers and aims are not clear then we clearly have work to do.

I cancelled the call stating that I think I was misunderstood, I was thinking it was a friendly catch up and I don’t need coaching at this point. However, I know they are very successful so it definitely works for some.

My Point?
My point? You will not fit in with everyones way of working, not everyone will agree with how you work and not everyone is your customer. I know what doesn’t work for me so I don’t go down that route. I admire their want and trying with me but maybe don’t tell me I’m a pain……..

If you want a free 1 to 1 coaching call then you can always book one with us. Without the script and the cold calling!!

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