Don’t let your Job title define who you are!

I’ll be honest and at the beginning of lockdown I let some comments get to me regarding whether you are a key worker or not.  Some immediately took the point that if you’re not a key worker you’re not important – I can assure you now, this is not the case.

From coming from a corporate background I always struggled with job titles and when creating business cards since leaving I have used ‘Chief Tea Maker’ or ‘Dogsbody’ mainly because 9 times out of 10 the title doesn’t describe what you actually do.

The whole point of our business is to encourage people to do what they love and are naturally amazing at, whatever role that may be.  Whether employed or self employed, a key worker or not the priority is happiness.  

Being your own boss in our eyes is that you are making money from your calling in life.  This could be something creative, helping people or animals, crafts, admin, sports, food, drink…..the possibilities are endless.

If you’re unsure but have a feeling you are not doing what you are meant to do, take some time out for yourself to have a think, write stuff down, talk to people, make notes and find out what your natural talent is.  Have friends said you should always do something?  Do you have a hobby which you’ve turned into a little side hustle?  There are such roles as gin tasting and facebook manager – trust me, you can turn anything into a job.

Being honest, it has taken me years to do what I am meant to do which is helping people find their calling and make a living out of it, you’ll find blog posts, downloadable sheets and a subscription box to help you do just that and, if you’re stuck, having a wobble or just not sure, drop us a message, we will have something that can help, I promise.

Job titles…. “Business owner” is the best one

Looking to start your own business? then we can help in most aspects, and we have a range of experts to call on if we do not know the answer. See our website for further details, use our enquiry form or why not just give us a call 01787 312 064

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