Which broadband provider should I use?

It is very easy to get confused when changing providers.

Which is best?

Who do I choose?

There are a few things you need to consider

What type of broadband is available, not what provider.

There are two main types currently
FTTP – Fibre Optic to the premises
FTTC – Fibre Optic to the cabinet

All broadband companies use “Fibre” as a sales tactic but the two are very different indeed.

What’s the difference?

FTTC is means that there is fibre optic provided to the centralised green cabinet you see in the street. From here they use the copper wires to your property. These wires vary in quality and consistency, the further you are away the slower the connection you will get.

The max speed this will support is 70Mbps download. So if you get near this figure then you are very lucky, but I would expect on average to get around 40-60Mbps. To check your speed position yourself as close to your router as possible either with a phone or laptop and go to https://speedtest.net

How do I know if I have FTTC, check where your router is plugged into, if it goes into a telephone box on the wall then you have FTTC

If you have FTTP you will see a white box on the wall as the fibre optic comes into the premises, it will look very different to a standard telephone line.

FTTP means you have fibre optic delivered directly into your house replacing the traditional telephone line. The max speed for fibre is 1000Mbps but depends on what package you buy. This setup is much more reliable, more consistent.

So which provider do I chose

There are many, if you are looking to change, select which one gives you the best value for money, the best deal and if they can provide FTTP. The equipment used is generally just the same whichever provide you select.

Again if you are changing from one FTTC provider to another then you will not notice much difference. Its all down to the speed and quality of your phone line from the cabinet to your property.

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